Our Services


Delivering support and advice for all types of professional and employment issues. Both general and one-on-one problems.  Assistance readily available 24/7.


Representation and assistance provided for employment and workplace issues. These services are provided both directly by the Society and through our various arms. This includes providing information, undertaking problem-solving, providing one-on-one-representation, vetting contracts, negotiating agreements and the full-range of employment law and HR related services.


Te Uniana o NSNZ is an arm of the Society. It is an extra tool for some bargaining services including for collective employment agreements. More on this here. All members of the Society are automatically members of Te Uniana o NSNZ . No extra fees are involved as all services to it are delivered by the Society.  Hence it has no income. 

The Society also provides management and advocacy services for some site unions established by the Society.


Membership includes a professional indemnity scheme (for advice, representation, management and settlement) of professional, disciplinary and related, medico-legal matters. Prevention of problems is an integral part of this service, by providing information on best practice and advice for risk mitigation.    


NSNZ Recruitment is a recruitment arm, providing recruitment solutions and placement services for all health professionals. NSNZ Recruitment undertakes placement of nurses, allied health professionals and doctors internationally. It recruits from a range of countries and places internationally. While members have premium access, placements are not restricted to members. 

NSNZ Recruitment grew out of a programme initially established to help new graduates obtain employment, but it subsequently morphed into a full-service recruitment business. Placements are presently predominantly experienced practitioners. General career development advice, a CV-writing service, plus career coaching and interview-preparation workshops are also available through this service. NSNZ Recruitment has a dedicated website site. 


From time to time the Society undertakes specialist consultancy and project management services. This has variously included planning and consultancy projects for other professional bodies and lobby groups. Projects have included planning, advisory and coordination services for health service, professional and nursing-education-related projects. These have mostly involved NGOs, professional bodies, aid organisations and/or government agencies, predominantly international.