Solid record and extensive experience advocating across a wide range of issues – large and small, and local, national and global.    


Advocacy and campaigns span the full spectrum of issues impacting:

  • Nurses
  • Nursing
  • Health and related health services
  • Social, community and related matters
  • Social policies and more  

We have very successfully run both high-profile and ‘behind the scenes’ campaigns on everything from health funding, resourcing, staffing, the organisation of health services, education and social policies, to much wider issues. This has encompassed local, regional and national issues, from relatively minor matters affecting small numbers to major issues with wide-reaching ramifications. 

Much of the time, effective advocacy involves proactively participating in both formal and informal decision making and undertaking influencing activities. We have a strong record of presenting well-researched, evidence-based submissions, plus smart, multifaceted lobbying.   

Policies are generally evidence based and tend to be progressive, reflecting our membership. Position-statement summaries will be progressively added here.